What is a POPlight?

Developed to keep you safe between sunset and sunrise, the poplight is a portable LED light designed for runners, cyclists, and anyone else out-and-about at night. Functional and versatile, it easily clip onto shirts, shorts, pants, scarves, skirts, socks, and a lot of other things you might carry around with you after dark. The poplight is small, but very bright.

The poplight can be clipped on your clothes in a second, and can easily fit in your pocket or your purse while you’re not using it. No clumsy clips, Velcro straps or heavy batteries here – this simple, innovative light is the perfect light for on-the-go people who want to be seen. #GetLit



Why do I need one?

We’re not going to try to tell you it’s cool to be safe. You’re your own boss. But, in our opinion, wearing a slick little light that doesn’t impact your run or your walk, or slow your kids down while they’re trick-or-treating is WAY better than some of the alternatives. If you want a sleek, portable way to stay safe between dusk and dawn, you can’t really find a better way to spend $12.

How the POPlight works

Simply place the outer-ring under a piece of fabric and clip the LED light assembly into it from the top. The poplight stays in place and you can wear it on your shirt, pants, jacket, scarf, gloves, or almost anywhere. The outer-ring will hold your poplight secure, so you can do what you’re doing with peace of mind. Once the light’s on your clothes, press the back to turn it on – one click for strobe, two for steady. Three clicks will turn it back off so you don’t use up your battery.


Where Can You Get a POPlight?

PopLights are currently only available online through kickstarter. Visit our kickstarter campaign page and help us make poplights a reality. Once the campaign goes through (and we're super confident it will), you'll be able to buy them online here, and at your favourite specialty running and cycling shops.

The design process

We made use of some pretty killer technology to create the poplight. We started in AutoCAD and from there we visited the dudes at 3DPhacktory in Toronto to help us with the 3D printing (which is what you see here). It took us a few prints to get the shape right in order to maximize functionality, minimize weight, and improve the overall look. 

Once we were satisfied with the look and feel of the plastic parts, we ordered the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) from a firm in Ottawa, Ontario, called Overfly Pacific. We wanted to make sure the poplight emitted lots of light and that the battery could be replaced pretty easily.

Having combined all of the pieces, we had some small tweaks to make. Mainly, we wanted to ensure that the PCB unit would sit securely in its assembly, and not move around. What you see in our video is the final poplight prototype - using the prototype PCBs and the 3D printed plastic parts.

Interested in getting a POPlight?

We are so close to bringing poplights to the world. If you would like to keep in touch while we ramp up production, please fill out the form and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also help speed things up by showing your support on our kickstarter page.

Who’s behind the POPlight?

Poplights were invented by CC Marketing Group. You can connect with Cam here.

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